Spiral conveyor

Spiral conveyors

Przenośniki spiralne Unidex


Spiral conveyors are devices whose task is to transport the product between other devices. Thanks to the spiral system, the Customer saves the production space in the hall. Each spiral conveyor is designed on the individual Customer's request.

Przenośniki spiralne firmy Unidex

The spiral tunnel is ideal for freezing, cooling or heating:

shutterstock_404485807.jpg [8.05 MB]shutterstock_1545788441.jpg [6.80 MB]shutterstock_1251454261.jpg [16.71 MB]
breaddelicatessen productspizza
shutterstock_1715131777.jpg [5.55 MB]shutterstock_1138086395.jpg [15.29 MB]shutterstock_114014338.jpg [5.20 MB]
raw meatprocessed meat
sweets and cakes
shutterstock_393864049.jpg [4.72 MB]shutterstock_458843284.jpg [1.02 MB]shutterstock_577182346.jpg [3.90 MB]
ice creamspackaged food


Configuration spiral tunnel TTS.JPG [48.58 KB]


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