About us

Unidex is the largest Polish freezing tunnels producer. The company was founded in 1992 by experienced engineers with many years of experience in the food processing industry.

We are a family company with a long tradition and 100% Polish capital. Our knowledge, experience in the refrigeration industry dating back to 1980, as well as trust-based relationships with partners, suppliers and customers are the values that guarantee success. As a manufacturer of food freezing machines, we create more than 25 freezing tunnels annually, with an export level of around 70%. The highest quality devices we offer are created by a team of competent engineers in several departments that cooperate with each other: construction, research and development, automation and service. Tunnel subassemblies are made in our factory or supplied by reputable and trusted suppliers.

Thanks to the cooperation with our customers and the continuous development of our products, we have created a reputable brand well known on the market. From the beginning of our activity, we attach particular importance to the continuous improvement of our freezing tunnels in close cooperation with our customers, thanks to which we can constantly work on new solutions.

We value the experience of our clients very much and we approach each project individually, while being flexible to proposed solutions.


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Choosing Unidex - you get:

shutterstock_325452782.png [29.24 KB] durable and reliable device, guaranteeing the highest quality of the processed product

shutterstock_325452782.png [29.24 KB] a reliable technical and technological partner

shutterstock_325452782.png [29.24 KB] the ability to adapt the device to an individual project

shutterstock_325452782.png [29.24 KB] the possibility of freezing a wide range of products

shutterstock_325452782.png [29.24 KB] reliable technical and service support

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We are a member of European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group.

Our office is located right next to the A4 motorway exit (Dębica West exit)
40 km from the Rzeszów-Jasionka airport, 120 km from the Kraków-Balice airport

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Unidex Sp. z o. o.
(dawniej Unidex J. Kania J. Wiktor - Spółka Jawna)
Straszęcin 295E
39-218 Straszęcin, Polska

NIP: PL8720005550, REGON 850023796, KRS 0001073719
Sąd Rejonowy w Rzeszowie, XII Wydział Gospodarczy,
Kapitał zakładowy: 200 000 PLN

e-mail: biuro@unidex.pl
tel. +48 14 680 86 00